Personal Style Assessment

Hello Beautiful!

If you are a woman who is feeling less than thrilled about your personal style and are curious about how you could express a more authentic YOU, I am glad you are here!

The Personal Style Assessment below is designed to help you see 2 things:

  • Where your personal style is working for you both personally and professionally.
  • Where you can make simple changes to express an image and style that feels more authentically you.

Once you take the assessment, check your inbox right away. Not only will you receive your resulting score, you'll also get some important "next steps" based on where you are today. My promise is that you will come away from this experience feeling clear, inspired and ready to take some exciting steps to discover the next evolution of your personal style.

0 = No, I have not addressed this at all 7 = I’m doing really well here
4 = I’ve given this some attention 10 = Yes, I have mastered this aspect of my style

I. Inner Beauty

1. When I look in the mirror fully dressed I typically love what I see.

2. When I look in the mirror without clothing I feel love and acceptance toward my body.

3. I know and respect who I truly am as a woman.

4. I am aware of my self-talk and it supports me to be my very best.

II. Outward Expression / Appearance

1. The person I express to the world is aligned with who I see myself to be.

2. I can describe my personal style and can spot it in clothing and accessories.

3. I know how to adjust my wardrobe based on what I want to convey.

4. I know how to select fabrics that are best for my body and Style vision.

III. Color Consciousness

1. I have had a professional color analysis and have a fabric palette I refer to when buying new items.

2. My wardrobe reflects color hues in my ideal palette.

3. I understand how to use color to convey the messages I wish.

4. I know what makeup colors are best for me.

IV. Body Type

1. I know my body proportions and how to select clothing to flatter my shape.

2. I understand how to choose the best shapes for my face and body.

3. I clearly know how to choose the best fabrics for my body type.

4. I understand my bone structure to help select the scale of details on my garments.

V. Wardrobe

1. My closet has only the clothes that I love, that fit me well and I feel really good in.

2. I am able to get dressed easily because my closet is well organized, and void of non-wardrobe items.

3. The clothes in my wardrobe reflect the image and style I want to project to the world.

4. Every piece in my wardrobe can be mixed and matched with a variety of items.

VI. Your Commitment level (0= Not committed 10= I am Very Committed)

1. I understand the impact of my personal style and am ready and excited to make changes.

2. I highly value the offer of a complimentary consultation and would like to schedule one soon.

3. I am ready to invest in getting the support I need to discover and express my personal style.

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